Social media juggernaut Snapchat has launched a new feature which is attracting a lot of attention, but one that should come with some very strict warnings for users – it’s called Snap Map and it allows people to see you on a map.

Now let me be clear, I’ve turned the feature on, and I will be leaving it on.  Why? Because the only “friends” I have on Snapchat are people I know in the real world, and those whom I don’t care if they know where I am – and where I live.

But let’s be honest, I’m in the minority.  Snapchat is used by teenagers in huge numbers, the very same teens who click “ok” and “next” on every pop up just to get to the next page.

It’s those users I’m worried about.

Young folk who add anyone and everyone to their “Snap friends” – those who “add back” anyone who adds them.

They aren’t in the minority – thats how loads of Snapchat users operate.

Great news, Snapchat have made it VERY clear when you first use the feature that you have the choice to take part.

But you need to choose to be a “Ghost”, or go to the trouble of selecting the few friends you want to share your location with.

So – that’s the important info for parents and concerned users.  Take the time, choose the right setting, and understand that if you have added someone as a “friend” on Snapchat, and enable this feature – they know where you are.