Happy Selfie Day!  Well, that’s what ALDImobile tell us it is, but it’s a good time to look at how to take the best selfie!

ALDImobile did some research and reckon that four out of five Aussies have taken a selfie, while 1.5 million Aussies snap a photo of themselves once a day!!

So to celebrate, here’s five great ideas to make your next selfie a great one!

Selfie Stick

You look like a goose using one, but gee wiz the results can be excellent – a much different perspective and more in the shot.

I found one at the shops yesterday for $35, but you’ll find them online at much lower prices

Web: Kogan.com

Wide angle lens

We first had a look at the Olloclip a couple of years ago and since then they’ve added handheld gadgets and lights as we saw at CES but at it’s core the Olloclip concept is about putting a new lens on your phone.

The Core lens kit will give you not only zoom lens, but also a wide-angle lens which is ideal for Selfies, to make sure you get everyone in, or get in a bunch of the background too!

Web: Apple Store

Light Case

So you love taking selfies at night or in dark seedy clubs?  Light a problem?  No more.  These phone cases have a set of LED lights around the edge, activated by a simple press of a button on the back and you’ve got light right where you need it.

Web: Lumee

Selfie Phone

Your phone’s front camera is probably half as good as the one on the back – if that.  So when you’re in the market for your next phone consider the full specs.

Traditional front camera (left) vs Opposition R9s (right)

Oppo’s R9s has a 16 megapixel camera front and back, plus up front it has a beauty mode which puts a photoshop finish on things in real time.

Web: Oppo

Selfie Drone

Honestly, this thing is amazing.  Expensive ($829.95) but amazing.

Turn it on, open it up, press a button, release.  It just flies.  You teach it your face so it goes looking for you!

This is the ultimate selfie gadget!

Web: Apple Store