You may not consider a Fridge to be anything more than a box with doors that cools or freezes your food.  Well since you last bought one a heck of a lot has changed.

Just have a think for a moment about how long ago it was that you bought that fridge, or washing machine, dryer, TV – these big ticket appliance purchases for our home are not the regular expense that even a mobile phone might be today.

So just imagine how much they’ve changed since you bought yours?

On my radio show on Talking Lifestyle, in partnership with LG – we’re taking a look at the current crop of home appliances and gadgets to ensure you’re up to speed on all the latest tech and specs for your next visit to the store…

The first chat covers all the things that have changed about fridges, talking with Angus Jones, LG’s General Manager of Marketing here in Australia:

We discuss how Fridge design has changed, the options for french door or side-by side fridges, as well as how to choose the size of your fridge, the changes and huge advances in power consumption – plus the eternal question – does the light stay on inside the fridge?