Have you ever just wanted to do some brainstorming, jotting – the kinda thing you get a meeting room for and use the whiteboard?  Well now you can do it at your desk – and for the kids desks, this is awesome.

It’s a new product from the folks at Post-it – think of it like the Contact you used to cover your school books in, except its a high quality whiteboard surface.

You buy it in a range of sizes, large sheets, and you stick it down on any surface – a wall, desk, book – whatever.

I placed a sample on my desk – used it for a week to make a “to do list” which I often do on a book somewhere.

Found it to be very very useful.  The only negative I could find was the odd moment when a few other things piled up, and well – my notes got wiped away.

In reality, it’s great for short term use – cover a desk in the kids play area in it, and at work put it on a wall, or meeting room desk.

Schools would love this I’m sure – and it’s just any other whiteboard surface, so your standard pens and wipes are all you need.

It starts at $75.92 for a 900mm x 600mm sheet, the largest we could see at Officeworks was 2400mm x 1200mm – so that’s some serious whiteboard.

Application is easy – just take your time.

Web: Officeworks