Foxtel won’t give their highest paying customers Chromecast support

Just when they were doing well, two steps forward, three steps back, Foxtel have dudded their most loyal, highest paying and largest customer base.

A few weeks ago I tried the new Foxtel Now streaming service, it’s a huge leap forward for them given it’s HD streaming and Chromecast capabilities.

Then today, their success in streaming the big fight on the weekend paid dividends with a good take-up, and signs they would be able to introduce the concept of pay-per-view streaming to their existing streaming apps.

But then, as a paying Cable Foxtel subscriber I discovered something that surprised me.  They’ve dudded us.

If you’ve got a Cable or Satellite Foxtel subscription you’re paying big bucks.  As little as two years ago it was reported that average revenues per user were $93 a month.

Their Platinum package is $137 a month!

To their credit, there’s no contract required any more.  Cable and Satellite customers also get free access to the new Foxtel App – renamed just “Foxtel”, it was “Foxel Go”.

I assumed, call me crazy – that Foxtel would give their biggest customers the same app access as those paying as little as $10 a month on Foxtel Now.

Nope.  Want Chromecast?  Not available.  It is basically click for click the exact same app, just without Chromecast.

A Foxtel Spokesperson told EFTM “The Foxtel App (previously the Foxtel Go App) is a companion app for our cable and satellite customers for viewing Foxtel on the go. App casting is designed to give subscribers a big-screen experience, so for cable and satellite customers, their Foxtel set-top box and TV is their source of a big screen experience and also offers the benefits of recording and playing back, bookable promotions, program startover functionality, and many more PVR features.”

But don’t worry – they’re not getting anything better when on the mobile device – “On iOS and Android the Foxtel App and Foxtel Now streams are identical, however on these mobile devices we are serving SD streams (HD via mobile is done through Chromecast only)”.

Come on – really?  At our peak Foxtel usage, we had the Platinum pack, plus an extra box in another room.  Funny thing is, like many, we have more TVs around the house, and a $50 Chromecast Dongle could mean watching Foxtel in any room.

Nope. Foxtel want you to ring up, get another box installed.  Pay that installation fee, pay extra for that box every month.  What a complete joke.

Foxtel’s biggest value customers should be given every single possible product.  Nothing less.

Otherwise, more people will be doing this:

Except they won’t be sticking to Cable or Satellite, and regardless that Average Revenue Per User looks set to plummet.

Foxtel are hoping to hell that people want IQ recording more than they’d want multi-room access, possibly they are right – but that tide will turn.



  1. Jude Osborn

    July 4, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Not too worry. Foxtel Now’s Chromecast feature had been broken for about two weeks. At least for me.

    • Trevor Long

      July 4, 2017 at 7:29 pm

      I’m still having no issues – what are you seeing error wise?

  2. BRUCE

    July 4, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    If you think Foxtel stuff you around, Telstra stuff you around even more.
    I had the small bundle, went to the large bundle, 2000Gb, Foxtel tv included and since I already had Foxtel basic and drama, they offered me three months free sport, what I signed included the IQ3, No fee was included, I was told they were waving the fee, it was a good deal.
    It included the NBN, I also got the Gateway Frontier modem router, really the only one to get if you want fast stable internet.
    Anyway, did this online, don’t ever do a deal with Telstra online.
    Everything arrived but the IQ3, so I rang, gave them the order number I signed up for which detailed everything I signed for, explained about the IQ3, then proceeded to get shafted to every department possible, 2 And a half hours later they found what I was talking about, was then told a technician would be coming out in a week with the box, over a week later rang back, almost an hour later they put me through to the Telstra Foxtel rep, give him the details id already given numerous times, he goes away to check.
    20 minutes later a women’s voice comes over the phone, wanting to know how she can help me, I said What!, i explained to her that I had been talking to a chap from the Foxtel Telstra rep, she then said she would transfer me to that department and someone would explain what the situation was regarding the IQ.
    I was then informed I would have to pay $75 with $50 off the iq.
    I was so peeved I told them what I signed led me to believe I wouldn’t be charged for it, and promptly told them to keep the rotten thing in those words, I said if I had to pay, didn’t want it, but I would have paid it. Just the fact I had been stuffed around did much was the real reason.

  3. Mark

    July 5, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Currently debating over keeping my iQ3 + second box with no recording ($51 per month for the channels that I want, and this is with a $30 discount) vs $25 per month for the Pop + Lifestyle packs, with multiroom basically included. Would be $35 per month if I didn’t want to lose A&E. Tough decision, losing recordings and captions.

    • Trevor Long

      July 6, 2017 at 7:27 pm

      hmm.. captions… should be on the streams frankly!

  4. David

    August 3, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Ugh. So this explains why my friend paying $15 can Chromecast Game of Thrones, but me, paying $100 for a set-top box, can’t. Looks like I’ll be contacting Foxtel to complain and possibly cancel my subscription too.

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