On the weekend Foxtel dipped its toe in the water of a potential money making beast, and the feeling was good. As a result, access to online streams during future pay-per-view events looks likely.

The Pacquiao vs Horn fight was a global hit with some estimates putting it at 1 billion viewers. In Australia, as has been the case with these big events for many years, Main Event channel had the rights and were offering the broadcast for $59.95.

Learning from the dramas of the past when illegal online streams popped up, Foxtel tried something new this time round, and without much publicity, launched an online stream of the event – also pay-per-view.

Was it a success? A Foxtel spokesperson told EFTM “Yes, we’ve had a terrific reaction and are pleased with the results.”

To put that in perspective with the standard Main Event channel, Foxtel confirmed the numbers were impressive “With minimal promotion, close to 10 percent of the number of customers who viewed the MAIN EVENT viewed Sunday’s fight with our streamed internet offering via thepachorn.com.auwebsite.”

Given that, it seems the concept has a strong future.

For those Foxtel subscribers who were not able to use the standard Foxtel App or Foxtel Now to access and subscribe to the stream, there’s good news there too – with a Foxtel Spokesperson confirming such; “In future we would like to make pay-per-view streams available in Foxtel Now and for Foxtel customers via the Foxtel App and are hoping to have this service available soon.”

Oh, and if you haven’t heard who won yet – no spoilers – great fight, doesn’t end in 60 seconds, and it’s available to stream for another day or so at thepachornstream.com.auwebsite (for the small price of $59.95!)