You’re on your way to – or from – a long meeting, the Uber driver is very nice, and even kindly had a free bottle of water and some mints for you – but lets be honest, sometimes that just doesn’t cut it right?

Enter CarGo – a new concept not yet available in Australia but if they don’t launch here someone else will.

A small mini vending machine is installed simply on the centre console of the car. As a passenger you can see all the snacks, and they are inviting you to buy.

Chilling out listening to your music, you open the website – enter in the big four digit number on the box in front of you and you’re ready to order.

Tap items you want, pay by PayPal or credit card, and you’re done.

The driver gets a text message telling them what to give you, and they hand it over at the next set of lights or when you get out (It’s too dangerous to do it while driving of course!).

Easy huh! Now for the driver it’s aparently seamless too – the company sends out the unit, they send you refills when needed (they know your stock because the orders come through the app) so you don’t need to do much at all.

Key issues I see here are theft – but that’s sorted because a 1-star rating is coming your way if you pull that stunt, and Hunger. If a driver gets a bit peckish, it’s going to start costing you $$ when you eat into the stock levels:)

CarGo reckon their average driver earns $100-$150 a month, or $300 for their best drivers.

Not a lot, but a nice bit of extra coin for the month for doing very little.

Love the idea, can see it evolving over the years – but a great start!

Web: CarGo