When we say the word gamer we often think of a teenager, in the dark, locked in their bedroom playing call of duty.  And no doubt there are many.  But interestingly the stats about who is actually playing games and why might surprise you.

43 percent of those aged 65+ play games, yep, almost half.

This is where two stereotypes are broken.  Who’s playing and what are they playing.

The over 65’s aren’t likely playing COD or Forza as much as the younger gen, but what they are playing is Sodoku, Words with Friends and Solitaire.

These games help keep minds active and promote a social interaction through online gaming.


Data here comes from a Bond University study conducted for the Interactive Games Industry Association which helps to change the mindset of people toward gaming.

In the app economy, and the mobile world, it’s a whole new ball-game.

At the same time, Microsoft’s Xbox research shows that the interactive experience of gaming can have a positive effect on family bond building.

49 percent of parents shared their digital experiences with the kids.  48 percent claimed those experiences had a positive impact on their relationship with their kids.

From playing Minecraft together to challenging each other on Cars Movie the game or Forza Horizon – I can tell you it’s a load of fun, and frankly, one I’m not doing enough.

Talking to just Xbox One owners, that figure jumps to 62 per cent – perhaps an indication that console games, those played in the main lounge on the family TV are good for family bonding.

It’s all good folks, playing games is fun! Don’t be ashamed, enjoy it, and if you’re kids are getting screen time – perhaps join them?