At $249.95, the Laser 4K Smart TV Media Player is not cheap, but it’s packed with features and I can’t imagine anyone complaining about lack of outputs or interfaces.

Around the side there are three USB ports for watching Hard Drive or Thumb Drive stored content, while around the back there is HDMI, Optical and 3.5mm outputs, as well as network interface and card reader.

The MMC-X40 is available online, and opens up the big screen to content you’ve stored on hard drives or downloaded online to drives.

While a Chromecast is the cheapest way to convert your TV to a smart TV, a box like this is suited to those who do like to tinker online, and might know how to install the Android Apps like Netflix or Stan as well as access their own stored content.

It has WiFi, DLNA and Miracast so getting content onto the big screen won’t be an issue.

“We have received extensive feedback from our customers, who have told us that they are seeking a user-friendly player that delivers smooth playback of 4K content at an affordable price point,” says Chris Lau, Managing Director of LASER Corporation.

“The MMC-X40 continues our focus on delivering technology in an accessible and intuitive way that doesn’t break the bank. For those who are very happy with their existing non-Smart TV, it also provides a really easy step-up to access the streaming services that continue to permeate the Australian market.”

While the box is 4K, and the Netflix app is built in, I see no evidence that it’s actually streaming in 4K – it looks bloody great, but because the Netflix main menu isn’t showing me 4K titles as an option (as my TV does) – it’s likely the 4K part of this is going to come from other streaming services you might install, or your own USB content.

It comes in the box with a remote that connects via a USB dongle, and acts like an LG Magic remote – so pointing the mouse is done by waving the remote around. On the flip side (Literally) is a full keyboard.

It’s very handy, though clunky to use in some ways in some apps.

You’ll find it online RRP $249.95.