For some reason Apple made a version of the firmware (operating software) for the upcoming HomePod speaker and personal assistant available to developers.

Perhaps in the hope they would start to think of new and exciting ways to use Siri to interface with apps and services. However, two tiny bits of code have revealed quite detailed information about what we assume is the next iPhone.

It may be the iPhone 8, though its more likely to be the iPhone X or iPhone Edition, whatever it’s called, it’s going to be something very different for Apple.

The first bits of code indicate a front infrared camera.

You might assume the Infrared camera will allow for night vision? Well, sure, but it’s actually for Iris scanning, the same technology Samsung introduced into the Note 7, and subsequently to the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

References to the Infrared in the “BiometricKit” mean it’s there as an additional – or replacement – Biometric validation of users with Fingerprint TouchID.

These savvy developers tweeted their discoveries, including this form-factor mock up which isn’t some graphic artist’s attempt, instead its the representation of the next iPhone in HomePod’s firmware.

Clearly moving toward that bezel free look of the LG G6 and Galaxy S8, with the solid continuous edge around the screen being more akin to the LG G6 than the Samsung’s edge curved screen.

If history is any guide, Apple will announce the next iPhones (likely an iPhone 7s, 7s plus and this “special” device) at an event in California in the first week of September.