She has a great personality.  To some, she is also sheer beauty from top to bottom.  The all-new Rolls Royce Phantom hasn’t radically changed from the outside, but under that body is a whole new approach which sets the path for Rolls Royce into the Future.

And all-new aluminium space-frame sets the foundations for a complete re-engineering of the Phantom, and all new Rolls Royce models from here on it.  Offering up a new level of stiffness it also gives weight savings to the overall build.

But this ain’t no sports car.  There’s no etched badges to save weight here, and that’s most evident in the extent to which designers and engineers have gone to reduce the road noise of this car.

At 100km/h this thing is 10% quieter than the previous Phantom, so much so the sound engineers had to check their equipment was correctly calibrated when they first started testing.

All because of an additional 130kg of sound insulation.  This thing has a new style of tyre that reduces road noise let alone the 6mm double glazing all around.

And you won’t have any issues cruising along, being pushed where you’re going by a 6.75 litre V12.  So very Rolls Royce.

It’s safe too, and high tech, with lane guidance warnings, pedestrian alerts, night vision, all round camera and so very much more.