This week, over 100 entrants from 17 countries went to London to compete in the annual World Steak Challenge. This isn’t a competition where Chef’s compete, but a place where the quality of the source product is compared, judged and awarded.

Australia, take a bow.

Jack’s Creek, started in the year 2000 and based out of Tamworth, took out the top honours for World’s Best Fillet Steak, took Gold in Wagyu F2+ 450-day grain fed Striploin and a Silver Medal for its Wagyu F2+ 450-day grain fed Rib Eye.

Perhaps embarrassing the Japanese in the Wagyu department, Jack’s Creek has done a fantastic job for a producer that is generally young in this industry. This isn’t the first time either, this is the third year in a row that Jack’s Creek has taken out a top award at the World Steak Challenge.

Patrick Warmoll, managing director of Jack’s Creek commented, “I am delighted with the outcome this year. We spent a considerable amount of time selecting our entries alongside our German distributor, Albers Food, who this year came to our farm in Tamworth, Australia to assist in the selection process for our Wagyu entries. With added categories, their input was very valuable!”

Jack’s Creek’s award-winning beef can be found in many of Australia’s top restaurants including, ARIA, BLACK Bar & Grill, Catalina, LuMi Bar and Dining and many more.

ARIA restaurant Head Chef Ben Turner commented that, “Jack’s Creek beef is always a consistent and tasty product” and BLACK Bar & Grill Executive Chef, Dany Karam said, “When I heard the prized sirloin from Jack’s Creek was named the World’s Best Steak, I knew I had to have it. We smoke it over our signature cherry wood ash before cooking it on the iron bark grill and serving it medium to bring out the tender flavour and succulent texture. Our customers absolutely love it.”

Now we’re just hungry…