I’m happy to declare the fact I own a BlackWolf tent, it’s called the “Tuff Dome” and let me tell you I paid big coin for it. But after it survived an East Coast Low that struck the NSW Central Coast a year or so back I’m convinced they’re excellent tents. Now the guys and girls at BlackWolf have a new offering, the Turbo X-Lite LF 240. It’s aimed at those who are looking at the odd spontaneous getaway, people who want to pitch a tent quickly.

Via a simplified front awning, much of the extra time allocated to erecting a larger front structure is saved. It still provides a level of exterior weatherproofing and adequate space to store belongings outside of the most important part, where you sleep!

What I love about my BlackWolf tent is its supreme ability to ward off the elements. I was subjected to all manner of weather during the weather system I mentioned. After a night of gale force winds and torrential rain the only real damage was a couple of guy ropes pulling pegs out. But most importantly the inside remained bone dry and the structure intact. This is how it looked first thing in the morning, still standing!

So, I’m not surprised by the claims that the Turbo X-Lite LF 240 has a full fly and completely breathable inner lining, increasing airflow to prevent frost and water droplets from forming on the inside surface. By minimising condensation, the Turbo X-Lite LF 240 will protect your clothing and gear from late night disasters.

The material used is a robust polyester blend but allows the Turbo X-Lite LF 240 to weigh just 14kg. That’s around 35% less than its predecessors. This tent is convenient pop-up option for those who are mainly looking at quick stay but are constantly on the move.

As I mentioned BlackWolf tents are not cheap, but trust me you’re really getting value for money. The BlackWolf Turbo X-Lite LF 240 has a RRP of $799.99

For more information on BlackWolf and their range of products, or to find your nearest stockist click here.