Phone cases, they’re a dime a dozen ranging from faux diamond covered pink offerings our colleague Geoff Quattromani prefers, to all out military grade, zombie apocalypse survival capable creations. Unless you like to go nude with your often $1000.00 plus unit they’re basically vital to prevent calamities.

Recently a new case from Lander arrived with the headline “Lander Launches Climate Controlling Phone Case in Australia’’- an interesting claim that I wanted to put to the test.

The “Moab” is designed to maintain a phone’s optimal operating temperature, anything outside of 0-35°C can affect battery life. The Moab uses Thermoline™ insulation, a plastic used in various electronics to help regulate temperature. It’s said to trap or release heat based on the prevailing conditions around it. The Moab combines this with a construction that meets military drop protection standards, that basically means it withstands blows based on a rather complicated control benchmark.

So, in short, the Lander Moab is tough as guts while acting as a thermostat for your device, right? Well that’s hard for me to prove. I can say recently on Sydney’s hottest July day on record I accidentally left my phone face up for about 30 minutes in direct 26°C sunlight. As you’d expect the iPhone shut itself off due to overheating. But in fairness the case is meant to optimise battery life and not stop your phone from overheating.

I think the Moab case, made by the creator of expedition-inspired mobile accessories, would fulfil its claim. On a hot worksite or in the snowfields the added insulation will at the very least protect your battery better than a case without it. But aside from all that it’s an exceptionally well-constructed and quality product. It’s rugged but doesn’t feel like you’re picking up a hand grenade.

The textured sides give extra grip, plus the extra wide side buttons would be a massive bonus when wearing gloves in the snow for example. It even comes with an anchor hook on the back so you can strap it around your wrist with the supplied lanyard. The speckles you may be able to see on the back are reflective, so if you’re hunting around in the dark with a touch it will shine right back at you.

I love this case and it will be staying on my phone for now, it strikes the right balance between toughness and functionality without interfering with the operation of the actual phone.

The Lander Moab Case will be on sale in Australia from August for $59.95, it’s compatible with all iPhone 6/6s/7 size variants and available in black or purple. Check it out at