Of all the questions I get asked, and have been asked over a decade talking technology questions on the radio and podcasts, easily one of the most common is about Buying a Laptop.

Looking for a new laptop, wondering which one to buy, and being presented with a vast number of options in retail stores.

Last week on my Talking Technology radio show (Weeknights on Talking Lifestyle, 8pm Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, 6pm Perth) I took some time to talk through my regular advice on choosing the right laptop for your needs:

Have a listen to the full advice above, a simple five minute listen!

In summary, it’s important to step through the following before handing over your money.

  • Step 1: What will you do with it? If you’re doing basic tasks, that’s a whole different story to someone who is keen to get into Video editing.
  • Step 2: Choose a PROCESSOR – Intel Core i3, i5, i7– These processors have different capabilities which you should match to your own usage needs.
  • Step 3: Choose RAM Amount – more is better, but not always required
  • Step 4: Check HARD DRIVE storage space
  • Step 5: Find one that you like the look and feel of If it matches your budget – you’re off and running

As always, if you’ve got a question about what to buy, or are trying to choose between a few models, get in touch with me via email for a chat on my podcast, or call the radio show live each weeknight 8pm Sydney time on 13 12 83.