Seriously, if you’re a rev-head and don’t have a console for gaming – get one, get one now, this next few months is quite possibly the most exciting time in video gaming when it comes to cars, and car racing.

Four highly anticipated and stunning quality titles are about to hit the market and each one will blow your mind.

Each is a new generation iteration of an already popular title, looking to take advantage of advances in consoles such as the soon to be released Xbox One X and the recently launched Playstation Pro.

Formula One, Project Cars, Forza and Gran Turismo are the franchises and their next instalments are going to be out of this world if the trailers are anything to go by.

Gran Turismo Sport

Platform: PS4 / PS4 Pro
Release date: October 17
Claim to fame: This game has been delayed over a year, and is the first genuine remake of Gran Tourismo in the next gen console era with the “current” title Gran Turismo 6 dating back to 2013.

Forza Motorsport 7

Platform: Xbox One
Release date: October 3
Claim to fame: Following the outstanding success of Forza Horizon 3 – set in Australia – Xbox is following up with the next generation of the Motorsport franchise where the hottest cars are put to the test on the race track. Made for 4K on the Xbox One X it’s going to be the best demonstration of graphics Xbox has ever had.

Project Cars 2

Platform: Xbox, PS4, PC
Release date: September 22
Claim to fame: This independent title took the world by storm, it’s accuracy, the detail in the gameplay and car setup and realism were unmatched. If the second generation can better that, it’s going to be hard to beat.

Formula One 2017

Platform: Xbox, PS4, PC
Release date: August 25
Claim to fame: Every year it gets better, and in 2017 Codemasters have brought back the classic F1 cars, as well as improving the career mode.

Which one then?

Good luck. If you’ve got an Xbox you have to have Forza, if you’ve got a PS4 you have to have Gran Turismo. For pure F1 fans F1 wins hands down, but for the purest driver the Project Cars experience is unrivalled.

The real challenge is time. Most of us don’t have days and days to invest in building a profile, a career in the game and race credentials, especially not across multiple games.

You might want to let the missus know you’ll be missing in action for several nights (read: Most nights) between release and say – Christmas time?