With Apple’s next mobile operating system due for release in just over a month from now, one of the key features that will be available yet not really seen by average users is ARKit – Apple’s Augmented Reality engine which enables developers to do quite amazing things.

The problem with ARKit for Apple is that it’s very hard to explain – so what they need are amazing developers doing things that could not have been done before.

A month or so ago I showcased a “portal” demo using ARKit, this kind of thing was not possible before iOS 11 and in New York last week I had a real-world everyday person application demonstrated to me that will simply blow your mind – IKEA PLACE is not a concept app, it will be coming to the App Store soon after the release of iOS 11.

Here’s what it does:

The concept is quite simple, you browse the IKEA catalogue on your device, find an item you want and “place” it into the room in which you are standing.

iOS11 ARKit requires a little calibration before placing, but after just a few seconds it can see the floor, walls, even table tops, and some how, some magical way it also knows the dimensions of the room.

This means the item is not just placed, but it’s placed within 98% accuracy to scale.

Your next lounge, table, bookshelf, whatever it is, see it in your room.

And if your lounge is already there, it will place the item “over” what’s there, which doesn’t give the same gripping effect, but it sure is impressive.

IKEA is one of many developers Apple will be likely showcasing in the months ahead as they gear up for iOS 11, Augmented Reality is the future, and with control over hardware and software, Apple – like no other – can genuinely make it work, and make it easy for developers.

ARKit will work on iOS 11 using the iPhone 6s and later, and iPad Pro and newer.