The Drinkworks Home Bar is the perfect alternative to going out to a pub or a club and a great addition to your next party. It’s the first of its kind connected system designed to prepare bar quality cocktails, ciders, brews and more, freshly made at the push of a button. The Drinkworks Home Bar solves the challenge of making complex cocktails at home, using smart technology to calculate the precise amount of water, pressure and carbonation needed for each Drinkworks pod, delivering quality cocktails.

The smart technology allows the Drinkworks Home Bar to pair with mobile devices to monitor its overall performance and status of the appliance a seamless experience. Additionally, the Drinkmaker has a display which provides users with specific information pertaining to the operation and state of the appliance.

Drinkworks offers a variety of alcohol pods – all featuring custom recipes crafted in-house by their own mixologists, brewers and scientists. The pods are liquid filled (not powder) and contain a blend of premium spirits, real ingredients and natural flavours, precisely measured in each sealed unit.

Each Drinkworks pod has a unique barcode which is read by the sensor, telling the Drinkmaker’s internal computer which beverage was selected. Once the drinkmaker is ready to produce a beverage, an internal needle punctures the lid of the pod. The needle pushes pressurised air into the pod, driving the contents out through the centre of the needle. Cold water and CO2 (if required) interact with the ingredients to produce a perfectly chilled beverage.


● Classic Collection: Classic Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Cuban Daiquiri, Long Island Iced Tea,

Mojito, Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour and White Russian.

● Paradise Collection: Strawberry Margarita, Mai Tai, and Margarita.

● Wandering Vine Collection: Rose Spritzer, Lemon Bubbly, Red Sangria, Peach Sangria

● Simply Refreshing Collection: Vodka Lemonade, Whiskey Cola, Vodka Soda w/ Lime, and

Gin & Tonic

● Cider: Stella Cider European Style Cider

No news on Australian availability as yet.

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