Something we learned today, International Bacon Day is coming up on September 2nd. Something we are happy to hear is that no one is keen on changing the date for it either. Bring it on!

Deliveroo is putting their snout out for IBD (yes we shortened it) and have partnered exclusively with a bunch of restaurants around Australia ready to bring you your bacon fix. No need to travel. Here are some of our favourites.


This beauty from Red Hook in Brisbane looks so damn good, it’s swarming with bacon and sauce and needs to be eaten as soon as possible…

This lovely pair is the perfect package. A place called London Burgers and Beers in Canberra this meal has it all; Bacon on the chips, bacon in the burger, now we just need to follow it up with some bacon inspired desserts.


Finishing a bacon inspired lunch should only be done with more bacon. Pretzel in Perth is making a maple glazed bacon pretzel.

Decanter in Perth is taking a slice of bacon and dipping it four different ways to create a great platter.

Doughnut Time in Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Gold Coast is making a maple pancetta donut and Third Wave Cafe in Melbourne is making a Bacon Cake.

The bacon doesn’t stop there, on Monday 4 September, selected restaurant partners will also be offering 2 for 1 bacon specials exclusively via Deliveroo.

The full list and locations is below:


  • Messina:  A Rash Decision
  • Doughnut Time: Maple Pancetta Donut
  • Hurricane’s: Millionaire Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger
  • Mary’s: Mary’s Pig Daddy Burger
  • The Pie Tin: Big Daddy’s Fried Chicken Pie 


  • Messina: A Rash Decision
  • Royal Stacks: Oscar Mayer
  • Kong BBQ: Bacon Me Crazy
  • Ichi Ni Izakaya, Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya, Ichi Ku Izakaya: Bacon Asparagus Yakitori
  • Doughnut Time: Maple Pancetta Donut
  • Third Wave Cafe: Bacon Cake
  • Bay City Burrito Hawthorn & St Kilda: Father’s Day Bacon infused Nachos Especial


  • The Original Pancake Kitchen: Bacon Medley Feast, Bacon Medley Cheesy Fries, Bacon Swiss Shake
  • Two-Bit Villians: The Hail Caesar Burger
  • Plato’s Philosopher’s Kitchen: Plato’s Bifteki Burger
  • Burger Republic: The Bacon Combo


  • Red Hook: Bacon Special
  • Messina: A Rash Decision
  • Doughnut Time: Maple Pancetta Donut 


  • Grease Monkey: Swine N Dine
  • Young & Frisky: Bacon Mac N Cheese
  • Frugii Dessert Laboratory: Bacon Ice Cream
  • London Burgers and Beers: Bacon My Heart

Gold Coast

  • Doughnut Time: Maple Pancetta Donut
  • Lucky Bao: Fat Slab Bacon Bao
  • Bine: Loaded Bacon Nachos
  • Levendis: BLT Bacon Yiros
  • Buca di Bacco: Bacon Carbonara Pizza
  • Red Steakhouse: Canadian Meat Lover
  • Messina: A Rash Decision


  • Chimek: Trio Von Schweine Pretzel
  • Lord of the Fries: Double Facon Bacon Cheese Schnitzel Burger
  • Decanter: Maple Bacon Chocolates Favourites
  • Pretzel: Maple Glazed Bacon Pretzel
  • Peace-za: Facon my Heart (Hawaiian Vegan Pizza)

Marys Pig Daddy Burger