The little Sydney tech startup that is ASAP have been thinking, and overthinking charging.  First there was their battery pack, which itself can refill superfast, now they have cables to change the way you think about “plugging in” your phone.

For those that remember the previous Apple MacBook range, they had a cool cable connection to the computer called “MagSafe”.  This simple little magnetic approach meant two things, firstly, the cable was easy to attach to the computer. Put it close, and you’re done.

Then, if there was ever an issue with the cable, say it caught on your chair as you spun around, or someone kicked it out of the wall – the laptop wouldn’t come tumbling down off the desk – the cable would simply detach.

For some reason that’s gone, but ASAP have come up with a way to add that functionality to your smartphone.

When you get to bed and it’s dark, fumbling to get the cable into the phone is a pain.  Likewise if you mount your phone in the car on the windscreen before you throw the cable in, it’s going to be hard to do.

With ASAP Connect, it’s not – a small dongle is inserted into the base of the phone where the cable goes, and it stays there.  About 1mm maybe 1.5mm sticks out, and is waiting, ready for a magnetic attraction.

Place the ASAP Connect cable close, and presto – it’s connected and you’re charging.

Works a charm, every time.

They have Micro USB and Apple compatible cables, easy to use and worth it!

The only downside I can see, is that you need to leave the adaptor in your phone, thus, all your cables have to be replaced – it will come out if you need an urgent charge somewhere, but – lets be honest, it’s smaller than a 5c piece, so you’re gunna lose it.   Best to get a few cables.

Should set you back $10 for a cable, buy three.