In and around my home I currently have 36 devices ranging from cameras, sensors and lights that use Wi-Fi to keep me up to date with what’s happening. In fact, in the so-called “Internet of Things” I’ve gone all out. Now even the humble BBQ can’t escape the emerging world of connectivity. Although I do have a Bluetooth meat thermometer come to think of it. But alas, Green Mountain Grills have arrived on our shores and what they offer will further fuel my obsession!

You can now kick back thanks to the inbuilt Wi-Fi controller inside the rather attractive BBQ. It’s designed to allow wireless communication with your mobile phone up to 40 metres away. You use an app to control temperature, air flow and fuel usage. The ambient temperature is maintained using what they call Sense-Mate™ technology to monitor the air and pellet flow.

As a result, low and slow cooking should theoretically be very easy, which is great considering the meat is usually a cheaper cut but when nailed can be the equivalent of the holy grail. The Green Mountain Grills range features a pellet delivery system that allows for more efficient fuel renewal so that you can focus on other things, such as your phone or hey even talking to guests.

The key to any smoke fuelled BBQ is the hardwood pellets. You can expect Green Mountain Grills to offer pure, kiln-dried sawdust that guarantees flavour molecules will remain intact for a balanced smoky flavour.

The smallest model weighs just 30kgs and starts from under $1000. With the option to choose a Stainless Steel Rangehood, add racks, shelving and thermal blankets, there is not a feature this griller doesn’t have.

The full rage and pricing is below but you can check it all out here.


S/S Hood $949.00 – RRP


Black Hood $1399 – RRP
S/S Hood $1549 – RRP


Black Hood $1799 – RRP
Stainless Steel Hood $1949 – RRP