Five months after announcing their personal assistant Bixby, Samsung have finally made it available worldwide for users of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ – including Australia.

Bixby is an advanced AI personal assistant which doesn’t just take commands and follow them, it is able to operate in context with the things you are doing.

So if you’re looking at a photo, you can ask Bixby to “email this to my wife” and it knows what “this” is.

“Bixby is an intelligent way of interacting with your Samsung smartphone,” said Garry McGregor, Director, IT and Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia. “With the introduction of Bixby voice, our Australian customers with a compatible smartphone will be able activate the power and functionality of the Bixby experience simply by speaking with their device.”

Enabling Bixby should be as easy as just hitting the Bixby button, as with all these Artificial Intelligence systems, it will improve day by day with new features – how it competes with Google Assistant will be the key test for Samsung.