This isn’t the first, won’t be the last, but it’s just another reminder of the cool stuff now becoming common place for us in the world we live in! A battery to charge your smartphone on the go – or to Jump-start your car!


You can buy the Elsi 7.5 online for $79.95 and for that you’re getting a 7500mAh battery which is enough to recharge most smartphones three times or more.

Included are cables for all common smartphone connections, plus jumper leads for the car.


Yep, simply plug them into the Elsi battery then attach to your car.

Now what’s critical when looking at these products is to check what car you have. My little Mazda 2 is perfect for the Elsi 7.5, because it will start a 2.5l petrol engine.


The bigger the engine, the bigger the battery you need to jump-start it.

Works a charm, fits in the glove box, just remember to check the battery for charge every few months or you’ll really be left stranded.