Ladies and Gentlemen, PLEASE STOP CLICKING ON FACEBOOK SCAMS!  They are so damn obvious!  No, Qantas is NOT giving “Everybody” free Business class tickets – they’re not giving anything.

Thousands and thousands of people are clicking a link on Facebook in the hope of Free Qantas Business Class tickets.

The Facebook post is going viral, because you’re all suckers.

Honestly, Qantas wouldn’t give away free tickets to “everyone” would they?

Why is this happening?  Money.

You click, you answer three innocent questions, you share it with your friends then click LIKE – but that LIKE click takes you to Amazon, Amazon registers YOU as being referred to by “Affiliate X” and from then on anything you spend at Amazon a small % goes to “Affiliate X”.  It’s as simple as that.

Harmless, yes, but just so so wrong.

Don’t click it, don’t fill in the survey, don’t share with your friends.

PS: how to spot a scam like this:

  1. “Too good to be true” rule applies
  2. is not the Qantas website
  3. Qantas logo is wrong (it’s the old one where the Roo has arms)