The SodaStream is really one of the simplest appliances you can have in the kitchen. Plug a CO2 bottle into the rear, place a bottle of tap water into it, push a button and bang you have sparkling water. You can then add any number of flavours and drink the homemade brew to your heart’s content. But as we discovered this week, SodaStreams ain’t SodaStreams anymore. There’s one on the market powered by electricity, it’s called the “Power” and it’s setting the SodaStream world alight, sort of.

This $249 appliance falls at the top of the sparkling water mixer range. Below it sits the $99 “Play” and the $159 “Source” makers. There are others available, in a whole range of colours, but the major point of difference with these top tier SodaStreams is their design and appearance. Yves Behar, who is a renowned global designer, helped shape the current range – the Swiss bloke knows his stuff.

Sure, the Source model also has the variable LED lights that indicate the level of carbonation, but it needs a CR123 battery. The Power version simply plugs into the wall.  These more expensive models are also easier to use. They have a simple snap and lock mechanism when placing the bottle in and return the bottle outwards automatically.

In my opinion, it looks good and does suit today’s modern kitchen far more cohesively than some of the cheaper options. Check out our video of how it all works below