CES is just weeks away, but in true LG fashion they’re not waiting for the opening day to reveal their hand – getting in first with their TV news for 2022 including a range of lifestyle TVs for the first time.

Hitting at the market looking for something that sits as part of your furniture rather than just a black box on the wall, LG’s Lifestyle TV lineup features two TVs, the Objet TV, and the StanbyME.

Both are like nothing you’ve seen before quite frankly.

LG Objet TV is designed to blend into a room, minimalist, with an interchangable fabric cover. The key here is that when the cover is closed there are still some TV functions visible, imagine it showing the time, or weather or audio functions.

Lower the fabric cover and you’ve got a full featured LG TV.

And it’s not just any TV – it’s an OLED evo panel, 65 inches, for a stunning viewing experience.

Objet TV sits up against the wall at up to a 5 degree angle with a gallery like experience.

Something vastly different is the StanbyME – this one has a built-in battery and the screen is attached to a movable stand which has concealed wheels.

Three hours of viewing time on the 27 inch screen which looks small on the tall stand but it’s designed to come into the kitchen with you to watch TV while you cook dinner, or perhaps for the kids to game or get TV in their room, but the TV leaves the room when they’re done to avoid after bedtime viewing.

Really interesting idea!

The screen itself can swivel from landscape to portrait mode, perfect for the kids on TikTok or Instagram!

It really is something unique.

Details of Australian availability and pricing will be coming further into 2022.

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