Falling in love with something is a special moment. That moment is generally remembered forever. Sharing that moment, well, that’s when it allows others to feel alive again. One special moment was for a young boy named Eddie Russell who, in 1981, was led up some old stairs in an old rickhouse to taste whisky for the first time from the barrel.

That old rickhouse was in Kentucky on top of Wild Turkey Hill. A place where the now Master Distiller – Eddie Russell has amazing memories. Eddie has chosen to bottle that memory, that flavour and that moment into a special edition bottle.

Layers of toffee and honey give way to fruity notes of candied pear, stewed apples, spice, subtle oak and vanilla, before delivering a long, lingering caramel finish. Sounds delightful.

Masters Keep 1894, according to Eddie Russell is perfection in a bottle, it is an ode to the summers day in that old rickhouse. Bottled to be savoured, this should be enjoyed on special occasions such as the birth of a child, a milestone birthday or as a gift perhaps for fathers day. Alcohol levels are at 90.0 Proof and 45% ABV.

Available now for $200, the limited run of 10,000 750ml bottles is in Australia, gift boxed and awaiting your special moment.