Strap yourself into the Delorian, put your foot on the accelerator and head to 88mph – we’re going back to 2015 and announcing the availability of the iPhone 6 in Australia!

With the next generation iPhone due to be announced within the month and launching shortly after, it’s hard to imagine a three year old iPhone being a good deal – but let me tell you there’s a real market for an iPhone at the right price.

It’s a common thing for parents to be nagged by their teenagers for an iPhone, when frankly any other phone would do – there’s something desirable about an iPhone and Apple have created one of the best App and device ecosystems on the market,

Unfortunately, spending $1000+ on an iPhone isn’t in the budget for most families, and the idea of being locked into a long term high price contract isn’t a great idea – especially when you know those kids are going to want something new in an year from now.

The iPhone SE was introduced to the market to offer a smaller form factor device, using the design and frame of the iPhone 5 and 5S, with the insides of an iPhone 6.

With tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands, if not millions of iPhone 4’s, 4S’, 5’s and generally older iPhones still in use today, there’s a real market for an affordable upgrade for those users as software developers and Apple start to drop support for the older devices.

Keeping that in mind, Apple has begun distributing limited stock of iPhone 6 devices through retail and telco channels in Australia.

Officeworks is selling the iPhone 6 from later this week for $469 outright.  Use any telco SIM you want.

Telstra is also selling the iPhone 6, for $449.  That device will be locked to the Telstra network and the usual unlock fee for Telstra is $80 making it comparatively more expensive than the Officeworks outright purchase.

The deal is outstanding, the first time an iPhone has been sold for under $500.

This particular device is Space Grey, and available in 32GB storage option only.

You can pick one up, outright from Officeworks, or prepaid and locked to Telstra.