The morning coffee is a ritual between man and nature. It’s the needs of one matched to the complexity of another. The complexity of coffee is deep in the background of the coffee beans but even more so when paired with milk.

Those who love to portion their coffee to milk ratio will know how important the right combination is. Not all coffee beans are made equal and when it comes to Nespresso, not all blends are perfectly suited to each person.

Three new coffees have entered the Nespresso Barista range; Chiaro, Scuro and Corto. Translations will turn those words into; light, dark and short, respectively. A bit more detail though?

Barista Chiaro: Made with beans from Brazil and Kenya, Nespresso define the Chiaro as having fruit and cereal notes (without milk) and toasted biscuits and caramel (with milk). It has an intensity score of five.

Barista Scuro: Made with beans from Costa Rica and Colombia, Nespresso define the Scuro as having a cereal profile (without milk) and roasted dark chocolate (with milk). Scuro has an intensity score of eight.

Barista Corto: Ideally served without milk, the Corto has it’s origins from India and Guatemala. Nespresso define the Corto as having a spicy profile (without milk) and hints of caramel (with milk). The Corto is the most powerful in intensity with a score of eleven.

In two of the new range you’ll notice a different labelling around how Nespresso suggest serving this flavour. It would be great to bring this new look and description to the entire range. It does give you that “instructions to be be a barista” feel.

The new Barista range is available for a limited period from 4th September 2017 through Nespresso Boutiques, online at and $9.50RRP for a sleeve of 10 capsules.