For many of us we lock up our side gates, lockers, cages with padlocks, they’re rock solid and provide a simple level of security. Generally, we get two keys with each lock and we’re used to this way of “locking”. Master Lock, who has been in the business since 1921, knows a thing or two about padlocks and has entered the 21st century with a bluetooth enabled model.

This isn’t the first bluetooth padlock we’ve seen, in 2015 we tested the Dog & Bone model here. It is a great unit developed by a technology company. What we see now with Master Lock is a padlock with technology, not technology adapted to locks. Like a lot of things, it sometimes takes the smaller companies to wake up the giants and produce new products that suit 2017.

For those who don’t know, a bluetooth padlock is a lock that looks and feels like a normal product. Inside the package is a small piece of paper with a combination. This combination can unlock the padlock without a smartphone by using the button pad on the lock itself. For those with an Android or iOS based smartphone, you can download the app to get started on your virtual key.

The process is extremely simple where you’ll also need to use a combination provided to authenticate to the padlock. Once it is setup the phone will connect to the padlock when in range and allow you to open the lock without even touching the phone. This is so handy, you don’t have to go into the app to command the padlock open (although, you can), it just needs to be in range.

You can share this key with all your family and even invite guests to be able to use it during specific times or for durations of time. This is especially handy for when someone you don’t know very well needs to enter your property, such as a gardener or neighbour when you aren’t home.

The Master Lock bluetooth outdoor padlock is going to last you a couple of years on a charge and will notify you when the power drops to 20%, battery replacement looks very simple also.

For anyone who doesn’t like to manage physical keys and easily loses them then this is a great way to revolutionise your gate security. As we said at the start, some tech companies have made similar locks, but now a real lock company has embraced this new technology and we think that’s important.

The Outdoor model will set you back around $139 while the indoor version (not water resistant) costs $119.