Google’s brand new Pixel 2 smartphone and it’s larger screened sibling the Pixel 2 XL were announced with great fanfare of their cameras in particular, so there’s really one thing to test with these devices – how good those shots really are.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL go on sale on Tuesday with pre-orders already open. Unfortunately for Google there have been strong reports of a “burn in” issue on the Pixel 2 XL, but we’ll leave that for you to monitor before buying.

What I wanted to look at today was the Camera.  Given both devices share camera technology, I chose not to take duplicate photos, and used just the Pixel 2.  As for what to compare it to, I chose to use the iPhone 8.

In my recent comprehensive test the iPhone came out on top (ever so slightly) so how can it compare to this young upstart.

Frankly, the results stand for themselves.

The Google Pixel 2 is nothing short of outstanding.  While daytime photos are as good as the iPhone, there is probably a slightly deeper definition to the photos.

My only real complaint would be the Panorama stitching for Pixel didn’t go as smooth as the iPhone – however the colours are more vibrant for sure.

iPhone 8

Pixel 2

Despite being a single camera front and back, Google have blown my mind with their portrait mode photography.  For a front-facing camera this is simply amazing.

But to be honest, your Facebook photos and Instagram account won’t stand out with the Pixel 2 until the sun goes down, and at that point, it’s Pixel 2 1st, Daylight second in terms of which camera is best for night photography.

All of these shots were open and shoot, not tapping for focus or anything.

I’m well aware these small images do not to them great justice, but click through, trust me, the night photography from the Google Pixel 2 is just stunning.

On that basis alone it’s a winner.

The rest of the device is clean, easy to use, and the fresh Android version is a dream all other Android device makers should learn from.