If the Apple Store is any indication (which is most certain proves to be) the iPhone X is one hot product.

A month ago when the iPhone 8 went on pre-sale ahead of launch it was possible to log onto the Apple Website many hours later and still get delivery of your new device a week later on the official launch day.

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Today, when iPhone X pre-orders opened people rushed online to place their orders.

However it was just minutes before the first week of delivery orders were exhausted pushing delivery out 2-3 weeks and after just 15 minutes orders were out to 4-5 weeks for delivery.

There’s no doubt the new technology on the iPhone X could mean a limited supply at Apple’s end too, but regardless that limited supply paired with the strong demand after an iPhone 8 launch seen by many as a “same same” looking device – we’re looking at getting big big queues at Apple Stores worldwide next Friday the 3rd when Apple makes stock available for those most keen.