For those who love a pizza there’s been one issue restricting your options when it comes to ordering Pizza with your mates – location. Today, Domino’s announce a new “Anywhere” feature, allowing you to order at the park, beach or anywhere.

Normal fast-food ordering apps require a specific street address, it might be your home or office, and that’s been working well for many years.

However, many of you will know of times you’ve had mates with you at the local park, or you’re having a birthday party at the park. And then there’s the beach – lovely summer’s day and you don’t want to have to leave your mates behind to head out and pickup pizza.

Worry no more – Domino’s Anywhere means you can order pizza to any point on a map.

Dropping a pin on the map and then placing your oder means your delivery expert (yep, that’s what Domino’s calls the Pizza delivery drivers), will meet you at that pinpoint.

Domino’s Group Chief Digital Officer Michael Gillespie says the concept offers a range of new options for customers “We know that pizza is a social sharing food, and many of these occasions occur outside a residence such as a picnic in the park or a day at the beach.”

“With Domino’s Anywhere, customers will be able to pin drop their location and Delivery Experts will be able to meet them outside with their piping hot delivery.”

A few finer details, you have to pay online, the location must be well lit – and be easily accessible and within 100m of a road, Domino’s must be legally permitted to access the delivery area.

When the delivery arrives, you show them your order confirmation email and you might need to show your credit card too as proof of ID.

If loads of people start ordering Pizza’s around the same time at a crowded beach link Bondi it could be on like Donkey Kong! But for now, the idea is great, and you can enjoy your next Meatlovers and Garlic Bread no matter where you are:)