Since it’s launch the Telstra TV streaming box has been purchased by over 1 million Aussie homes, and while it could be argued many of them simply “got” the box as part of renewing their Telstra contract that’s a huge market across the country.

At the end of this month every single Telstra TV gets a software update offering a range of new features including Universal Search to make those original Telstra TV boxes better, but for those wanting something a little more, there’s also the Telstra TV 2.

Telstra TV 2 continues the big T’s partnership with global set top box manufacturer Roku and it adds some pretty cool kit.

Firstly, capacity to stream 4K HDR content. That means your big new TV can show Netflix and Stan in 4K as it should be.

And then there’s the TV tuner – seems old school to some, but the problem with a “HDMI 1” box attached to your TV is you forget it’s there and always end back on Free to Air TV.

This combines the best of both worlds. You can watch Free to Air TV for free via your antenna, while also being able to search content across all the on demand platforms out there.

A single Universal Search is easily the killer app for this device. Search for a word and any program matching it across Free to Air, Netflix, Stan, Big Pond Movies and any other compatible apps will be displayed.

If a show is available on multiple services you can choose which one to launch to begin the program.

Telstra have also updated the remote for instant access to Netflix and Foxtel Now, as well as Live TV, while the companion app allows you to stream content to your smartphone as if you’re at home.

That’s not very new, because you can do that now with Freeview FV, Netflix and Stan, however this single app gives users the same user experience they are getting at home – on their mobile phone.

The new Telstra TV launches at the end of the month, and will be available for $99 if you’ve got a Telstra Entertainment Bundle, or $192 outright and available as an $8 a month option over new 24 month contracts (or renewals).