Review: Aussie Audiofly wireless earbuds – AF33W

Look, if $60 is your budget for wireless headphones, I’m really not sure what you are expecting in terms of audio quality. However, there’s certainly a bunch of choice and there’s a great Aussie company you shouldn’t overlook.

Audiofly are based in Perth, Western Australia and they design a whole range of headphones – today we’re looking at the wireless earbuds known as the AF33W’s.

You’ll find them at JB Hi-Fi for just a tick under $60, frankly, they’re an ideal set of headphones for the bus trip to work, or your daily commute.

They stick well in the ear with a couple of sides caps to bit your own ear.  For those who like to walk or run they are sweatproof, though there are plenty of better “fitness” headphones out there that will keep the buds locked in.

When you take them out of the box they are noticeably “plastic” but for $60 again, you can’t expect some high end materials.

Wireless pairing was simple, and the sound was great.  Not a deep sound, nor is it harsh on the treble – but on a long walk I found it to be a great sound for everyday listening.

I never did work out if the cable between each earbud was best placed behind your head or under your chin – I found the volume controls easier to use when the cable dangled under the chin, but that makes them a problem if they fall out.  You’ll work it out!

Be it as your everyday headphones, your treadmill headphones or a gift this Christmas, at $60 they’re a great start if you’re keen to go wireless with your headphones.

Buy: JB HiFi

Web: AudioFly

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  1. Warren simpson

    October 25, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Love your work, but am compelled to comment –
    How can earphones (or device for that matter) be referred to as “wireless” when they clearly have wires?
    Should they be more aptly termed “jack-less”, “plug-free” or plug-less”?
    Or is this a new type of “fake-news” situation which we can term “fake-tech”, where the use of correct or accurate terminology is no longer necessary?
    Best regards
    Warren .

    • Trevor Long

      October 28, 2017 at 9:48 am

      Wireless headphones are most commonly referring to those not connected with wires to the device. But I hear you

  2. Daniel

    March 7, 2018 at 5:29 am


    I just got these, and whenever I use them there’s a high pitched noise in the background. I know some white noise is to be expected from wireless headphones, but this constant high pitched beep is ruining my experience with these headphones.

    Using them for watching videos also isn’t nice, the delay between the video and the sound is too long.

    Is this something you noticed with your pair?


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