For as long as I can remember now we’ve been talking about the importance of Anti-Virus, security for your computer. In 2020, that’s not even the start of it – today you need a comprehensive Internet Security package and Trend Micro have launched a new feature to protect your Identity online.

Internet Security today refers to the suite of products that protect your computer from viruses, stop you infecting your computer with malicious software, prevent you from falling from phishing scams where you might click a link in an email and think you’re on a corporate website but are in fact on a scammer site.

But how do you know if a scammer already has your information? How do you know if a scammer or cybercriminal is trading your information on the Dark Web?

Your Credit Card Number, Your Email Address, Your Password, Your Drivers Licence, Passport Number – you name it, the data is worth something on the black-market.

Trend Micro’s latest product, ID Security is an app you can install on your phone and perform a check in just minutes.

All the time Trend Micro’s engineers and security experts are trawling through the internet and the less accessible Dark Web looking for databases of private information.

These databases may be the result of a largescale hacking of a website or business, or they may contain information scammers have gathered over time person by person, scam by scam.

All you need to do is input your information into Trend Micro ID security, which allows Trend Micro to encrypt that information and then search their own servers for any instances of your information.

In the free version you can perform searches of your email address, your credit card number and your password.

Searching your password will help you know if your password has been used by someone else, which might then lead to it being added to the list of passwords hackers will try in any attack.

For my tests, my email address has been dramatically compromised, as had some of my older passwords. Fortunately, my credit card number seems safe, as does my new set of stronger more secure passwords.

For a small investment of $4.99 per month, you can up the ante in a big way. Firstly, you can search for additional items – like your Passport number, Tax File Number and Driver’s Licence.

Plus, you can store all your information, an in some cases multiple sets (different credit card numbers, multiple email addresses), which Trend Micro will constantly monitor for as part of their “Data Monitor” service.

You will receive alerts if any of your information appears in any new data breaches or anywhere on the Dark Web.

It’s basically an insurance policy for your info.

ID Security won’t prevent you from being hacked, or from you falling for a phishing scam. That’s what you need Internet Security for.

Trend Micro ID security will allow you to take action to lock down your bank account, your email address, or other personal accounts in the event of any breach.

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