Google Home continues to go from strength to strength adding new features and services to enhance the capabilities for users, with eBay today announcing a Google Assistant enabled search function is now available.

Using the words “Ask eBay” or “Talk to eBay” you can now search eBay using your Google Home, Google Home mini or Google Assistant enabled devices.

This means you can “Ask eBay” to “find me an iPhone 6s” and you will get a voice result telling you the best deal, after which you can have that link sent to your phone, so you’re ready to shop.

You can also ask “what’s it worth” and get a sense of the current selling price for an item you might be looking to sell.

Tim MacKinnon, managing director of eBay’s Australia and New Zealand markets says, “eBay has a long history of being the first to market with new innovations here in Australia, and our latest collaboration with Google is no exception. eBay built this technology from the ground up and it’s the perfect example of how artificial intelligence is helping to make a truly personalised shopping experience. As of today, we are bringing the best of eBay to your home with Google Assistant, making shopping as simple as a conversation.”

“Working with Google is the next innovative step for us, as partnerships have always been a large part of the eBay business,” explains MacKinnon.

“Already we have 80 of the 100 largest Australian retailers on the platform with everyone from Myer to Woolworths, and this new partnership expands our technological capabilities to provide even greater access for consumers.”

MacKinnon suggests this is the future of retail, “We are looking at the future of retail here, and we are excited to be at the early stages of this new commerce frontier, bringing the eBay shopping and selling experience closer to our customer’s everyday lives. Integrating voice capability to the shopping experience makes it even easier for Australians to check eBay for the best deal.” said MacKinnon.