Remember back in the “Good old days” you’d just turn on the TV and see if what was on was something you’d want to watch, and if not – you’d flick to the next channel.. That’s what Netflix “Play Something” button is.

These days we open up Netflix and browse, we go up, down, across, looking at what’s Trending, What’s New, What’s Suggested hoping the thumbnail image will catch your attention, or the Top 10 might have one thing that seems like your style.

What if we went back to the old style?

That’s what Netflix’s “Play Something” button does.

Open Netflix on your compatible device and before you use your muscle memory to click your profile picture, look underneath it.

Click down on “Play Something” and immediately a show will start playing.

Seconds later a border appears, with an arrow to skip this show and choose another one.

Stay on the show and you’ll see the title for the show and a small bit of information about why this show has been suggested for you.

It’s kinda cool. It’s not amazing, but for those days or nights when you just don’t know what to watch. Simple really.

Check it out.