Australia has been turning out some fantastic events in 2017 and in particular is around the food and beverage industry. We’ve attended so many food and wine shows this year but nothing like this event. Meatstock is a one of a kind. As you approach the gates you can see the smoke rising, as you get closer you can smell the meat cooking and if you listen you’ll also hear the bands playing.

Once you enter it is a multi-sensory experience where humans can roam and eat all the animals, drink stunning beers and sit and watch the bands play. Furthermore, a large exhibition of barbecues, smokers and cookers are on hand to get you excited to do it yourself, the entrants in the cook-off are spread out and willing to chat. The whole mood is simply glorious, a great coming together of like minded individuals who aren’t there to do anything except enjoy some meat with mates.

It is not the type of event for the vegetarians of the world and the vegans would simply pass out on arrival, mainly because they lack the strength to walk but mostly because of the racks of legs and ribs ready for consumption. It’s on again next year so stay tuned to get along, we’ll certainly be there!

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