Look I don’t have actual stats here, but I’m guessing that most of you own a pair of thongs.  And I’m also guessing they are probably Havaianas.  You know their not Aussie thongs right?  Brazillian in fact, and how often do they bust a plugga?  What a pain in the arse.

Boomerangz side by side with Havaianas

Enter Boomerangs, originally Willi Footwear they’ve been rebranded to take on a name that reflects their innovative design.

You see these don’t have a small dot holding the straps in, there’s a whole boomerang of support under there for the strap.

Plus, replacing the strap or interchanging the strap is as easy as pie.

The brand has changed it’s name to ensure they can get American Trademarks for the brand, and they’re now sold all over the world.

“It’s also a seasonal product, so we really do need to leverage off the northern hemisphere summer in order to create a year-round income and be able to continue production,” is what founder Brad Munro says.

The thongs are available at City Beach across large parts of Australia and they’re continuing to work on evolving the product.

Out of the gate I’m going to say they’re not as comfortable as the Havaianas I’m normally wearing, and I think there’s two reasons for that.  A thicker base makes them less flexible, but I wonder if that wears in over time.  But also the strap has a serrated edge for design, which rubs between your toes – so I’d look at that if I was Boomerangz.

Regardless, they’re comfortable to wear, come in a range of colours and best of all they won’t blow out and bust a plugga!