In my game there are times when a product is cheap you wonder if it’s worth opening to review – this one surprised me.

For $19.88 the Qudo speaker with LED lights is just the perfect stocking filler for the kids with devices who love their music.

Qudo is a brand exclusive to Officeworks and while the products don’t have the high end materials and packaging they are genuinely surprising.

Available in three colours, the Qudo LED Bluetooth speaker pairs easily, with a female voice prompt letting you know what’s going on, each time you power on it tells you what it’s doing – you might think this could become annoying, but its great for kids who are just learning about Bluetooth pairing.

The 15 LED lights are in three rows and from the bottom to the top they light up depending on the volume.

There are no volume controls on the speaker, just a play/pause and track back and forth – however you’ve got easy volume control on your device.

Range is great, working for us easily in the next room – but the real surprise is the sound. Audio quality is great! No, it’s not $150 speaker great, but blimey, for under $20 you would not believe what it’s doing.

Buy online or in store at Officeworks