Here’s a sorry tale of pizza and missed millions.  Way back in May of 2010, well over seven years ago, a Bitcoin forum member posed a simple question – anyone willing to trade 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas?

This fellow had 10,000 bitcoins to offer.  Users in the forum suggest they were worth $41 – even saying that was a lot of Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, he was successful.  Trade complete!  His winnings?  The first person to buy Pizza with Bitcoin!

Tell me though, what would you prefer – The title of “First person to buy Pizza with Bitcoin” or $132,000,000 Aussie dollars?

That’s right, this crazy unregulated cryptocurrency has boomed so much and grown in price so dramatically that those 10,000 bitcoin would amount to $132 million dollars today.

Hope the pizza tasted good.

All we can hope is that “laszlo” had many more than just those 10,000 and is today retired in the Caribbean enjoying the sun and even more pizza.