This weekend in Melbourne the second annual International Hi-Fi and Home Entertainment show is on at the Pullman Hotel in Albert Park.  With everything from a $1 vinyl record sleeve to a $75,000 pair of headphones there’s something for everyone.

While it might not be the large Melbourne Convention Centre, there’s good reason for that – instead of one big hall with audio companies blasting music to get attention and test equipment, the show is spread throughout the hotel – using exhibition space as well as Hotel Rooms to exhibit the latest in Audio and Hi-Fi gear.

There’s almost 60 rooms fitted out like your future lounge room with systems for you to hear, drool over or put on your shopping list.

For those looking for a new home theatre system this is idea, allowing you to experience the sound in a more home like situation, rather than in a store.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own music to plug in and enjoy, or there will be plenty to listen to there.

Along with great HiFi Systems and some projectors, there are also a huge range of headphones at the show to listen to and for the retro music fans a vinyl record market too.

If you love your music, enjoy great sound, and you’re in Melbourne this Friday, Saturday or Sunday pop along and enjoy!

Oh, and for EFTM readers, you can get 50% off the ticket price by and using the code “EFTM”!