Alcatel are a big brand in Australia – regularly in the top three for phone sales behind Apple and Samsung because of their focus on the affordable end of the market rather and ease of use.

Now, for the first time in Australia the brand is reaching outside the mobile phone space and launching a 2-in-1 tablet device through Vodafone.

Available at $558 outright, or on a 24 month contract offering the device, a mobile hotspot and data it’s actually a bloody great deal.

One reason the price is compelling is because the PLUS 12 from Alcatel comes with both the tablet and it’s keyboard.  Many similar devices require the purchase of a keyboard as a separate item which really drives up the price.

Featuring a 12 inch display, this is a Windows 10 device with WiFi built in ready to pair with that portable hotspot or your home and office network.

“The PLUS 12 is the first 2-in-1 device that we have released and it’s an exciting time to be diversifying our range and how it can be purchased.  With Aussie’s always on the move and busier than ever, we wanted to deliver a versatile device that doesn’t demand top dollar or compromise on productivity,” said Sam Skontos, VP and Regional Managing Director of South East Asia and Pacific Alcatel Mobile.

 “While there is naturally the outright purchase at a fantastic price, the PLUS 12 is also Alcatel’s first post-paid product on the market, making the price even more compelling. This is an exciting step forward for Alcatel, as we continue to offer feature-rich devices at a competitive price point,” he added.

Under the hood is an Intel Celeron processor, 32GB of storage with expansion via MicroSD and there is also a USB-C slot, headphones and micro-HDMI for those on the go connecting to projectors for presentations.

You’ll find it at Vodafone now.