Netgear’s Orbi WiFi system is a game changer for home networks, and there are now a number of similar systems available from a variety of brands – but, if you run a business, how do you provide great WiFi in your business for your staff and your customers?  Netgear has a solution for that too!

It’s called Orbi Pro, and the concept is the same as Orbi – A router, and satellite devices, using a single channel for communication between each other so as not to congest the network that you’re using.  Well, Orbi Pro does the same, except it offers business grade solutions.

For example, there are three possible networks.  One for the administrator of the network, one for your employees, and one for your customers.

The Employee network allows full and continuous internet access, but without access to the administrative router pages, or ethernet ports.

For customers, this is a really great solution – you can great an internet connection via WiFi that has a login page and an expiry time.

So, in a cafe where this is ideal, customers connect, they need the password to get access, and they see your logo.

Plus, once connected they can be sent to your website or Facebook page via a URL referral.

It’s all very VERY simple to setup.

This is professional looking WiFi access that can enable you to encourage people into your business, requiring that they see the password or ask for the password, meaning they aren’t just next door taking your free WiFi.  The sessions can also be limited to two hours.

You can update the password easily, and regularly!

I’ve put mine at home in the same place as the Consumer Orbi and coverage is excellent, while there are also professional installation mounts so you can wall or ceiling mount the Router and or Satellite.

At $849 it’s at the high end of WiFi, but no consumer product under that offers the “guest” network options available here.

If you own a business that is offering free and unlimited WiFi, time to take control and get exposure, web referrals and people back in the door for that password!