The first AudioFly headphones I tried were their entry level $60 set of Bluetooth headphones – an in ear model that sits well in the retail world in a pretty competitive space. Little did I realise they had something special available at a higher price tag.

At $189 the AF100W are premium in many ways. A larger driver (sound driver) inside, and a very different approach to the in-ear design makes these both different and well worthwhile.

With a background in professional sound, dealing with artists on stage who need great in-ear monitors that can last a session or performance and must be comfortable, AudioFly have taken their learnings from pro audio and moved into consumer headphones.

In ear comfort here is one of the best I’ve had from an in ear headphone. The memory foam tip, paired with a chassis design which looks like it was made to just drop into your ear is fantastic.

Felt extremely comfortable for long periods of use. Because they loop over your ear they have a reliable fit for walking or exercise – however unlike other over the ear loops these are thin, as if the wire between each earbud has been hit with starch to hold it’s shape, rather than being a plastic mould that goes over your ear.

The body of the earphone is plastic, and doesn’t scream high end – though the sound will change that impression.

Really fantastic robust sound. These are three times the price of the cheapest AudioFly headphones, but offer ten times the sound quality.

I think these compare to some of the big-branded $400 headphones quite frankly.

If I was to be critical it would be that the battery life of a reported 5 hours seems over the odds, I reckon I got four – and there was no warning. Thinking back I recall a funny tone within a song (which may have been a warning) – but later, a simple “Power off” in my ear and my music was done.

And because there is a module on the cord behind each ear (one is controls, one is the battery), they don’t always sit perfectly. There is a loop to tighten them together so they can better fit snug to your head – however because of those two modules you can’t tighten that loop as much as you might hope.

Both are very minor in the scheme of things – at $189 these are just stunning value for the sound you’re getting out of them. Well worth a look, you won’t be disappointed with how they sound.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”AudioFly AF100W” rev_body=”Outstanding sound and fit for a sub $200 headphone – Aussie company too!” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2017-11-19″ user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]