How many passwords do you think you have?  10?  20?  Try 200 – that’s according to security company LastPass’ research into just how overwhelming our use of passwords is.

Of course, this plays into the hands of LastPass who offer a software solution that means you just have one password and the software takes care of all your complex logins.

According to LastPass we have 191 passwords on average – other industry reports suggest it’s 27 but I think you’d agree if you were to look at your Browser password cache it’s a long long list of sites and services.

And how do we cope?  Well 91% of us know it’s risky reusing passwords – but guess what – 61% of us do it anyway.

Time Poor?  No wonder – you’re spending 36 minutes a month typing passwords!

But it’s for businesses where the real worry exists.  81% of all breaches of security are due to weak, reused or stolen passwords – and in 2016 alone 4.2 passwords were stolen.

If you multiply out the number of employees by that average of 191 passwords, a 250 staff business has 47,750 possible points of entry.

And while two-step or two-factor authentication is stronger and safer, just 26.5% of businesses are using it.

So there you go, not good folks.

If you find managing passwords tough, consider a solution like LastPass to do the work for you.  You can get hold of the Full LastPass “Password Exposé” online.