With New Years Eve around the corner, many of us will be celebrating a fantastic 2017 with a bottle of Champagne. Most of us will simple unwrap the bottle, remove the wire and pop the cork, but what about slicing the top off in style? Meet the sabrage. It is a wonderful act of opening the bottle without removing the cork, the glass quite literally is broken from the bottle. When done poorly it is devastating however when done properly it’s wonderful. We reached out to Sydney based G.H. Mumm Brand Ambassador, Kaitlyn Tremblay on how to carry it out Sabrage like a pro.


  1. A good bottle of Champagne (it is a celebration after all!)
  2. A sabre, if that is out of reach then the blunt side of a large knife will do the trick
  3. Safety items like gloves and glasses are recommended


Step 1: Make sure the bottles are really chilled (around 10 degrees) – especially the neck of the bottle, we recommend putting the bottles upside down in ice for around an hour before the sabrage.

Step 2: Prepare the bottle – take off the foil cap off and find the seam of the bottle to remove just a strip of the label exactly where it covers one of the seams. This seam is where the two pieces of glass join and you will feel it as a crease that runs lengthwise along the bottle.

Step 3: Loosen the wire and bring it up one level on the bottle, tightening it again around the cork.

Step 4: Prepare your safety gear – make sure to wear gloves and glasses and clear some space and secure it for extra safety measures

Step 5: Hold the bottle comfortably in one hand and the sabre in the other. I recommend keeping your thumb in the crevasse of the bottle and laying the rest of the bottle in your palm.


Step 6: Follow the seam, laying the sabre flat against the bottle and hit the rim of the bottle (make sure to follow through) – do not hit too hard if you do it the right way just a small hit will do the trick.

Step 7: Hold the bottle with caution (the glass is VERY sharp) and serve a refreshing glass of Mumm!


Importantly, stay safe, do not do this after your fourth bottle, and have a wonderful new years eve celebration.

From all of us at EFTM, have a wonderful 2018.