It can take a lot to make a man change a product he uses daily for years, especially when it comes to their shaving routine. As a Gillette user for years, I’ve dabbled with different razors but the shaving gel has been consistent.

Well, Nivea popped over a bag full of their new products recently and the one that has taken me by surprise the most has been the new shaving gel.

Nivea have launched a new range called Deep. The products are all black and reflective of their use of the primary ingredient – Black Carbon. It’s not just because it sounds cool either, Nivea Australia’s Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, Ken Lee said “Its extraordinary absorption properties make Black Carbon an ideal ingredient for products that aim to leave a reliable clean feeling”.

We mentioned the shaving gel earlier, when you pop the lid and give it a squirt the gel comes out very black. It does turn to a white foam once you rub it into the skin but it is so thick and velvet like that you wonder what the other brand is missing. The Face & Beard Wash uses Black Carbon in a different way, cleaning the face thoroughly, removing any impurities and oil and there is the After Shave, which isn’t black and has an antibacterial formula that cleans the skin without burning your face off. The Anti-perspirant is an interesting one because generally we use Rexona, this one from Nivea has 48 hour protection (but please shower more often than that!). It does contain Black Carbon but it doesn’t leave a black mark or anything on your clothes.

The Shower Gel contains a clay known for its ability to absorb and bind impurities and body odours, it’ll be your best friend after a workout in the gym and it doesn’t smell like lavender or roses like your girlfriends soap.

The whole range is available now in most stores across Australia and New Zealand.