It’s one of the most common things people will buy today to compliment their smartphone, perhaps more important than a new case or screen protector.  It’s the portable battery.

There’s plenty on the market, but most of the ones you see people using they received as a freebie promotional item or bought as an impulse.  If you really want to have power in your pocket you have to invest.

Belkin has had portable power bank options for some time, this month they launched a new range – the Pocket Power range which are both large capacity and great design.

The curved edges make it easy to carry in the pocket or bag, and coming in multiple colours it’s made to match your device.

Available in two sizes, 5,000mAh or 10,000mAh there’s plenty of charge time available.

A 5,000mAH battery will charge an iPhone one and a half times, the 10,000mAh closer to three times. And Belkin is bringing a 15,000mAh battery next year!

The benefit of the 10,000mAh isn’t just the capacity, it also has two outlets for charging two devices at a time.

Overall it feels a whole lot lighter and is remarkably smaller than the previous model.

The Pocket Power 5,000 mAh is available now for RRP $39.95
The Pocket Power 10,000 mAh is available now for RRP $59.95

You’ll find them at JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman, Myer, Big W and online at Belkin.